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          Technical Information

          Introduction to High Throughput Technology

          High-throughput sequencing, also known as next-generation sequencing technology (NGS), can sequence hundreds of thousands to millions of DNA molecules in parallel, and has become the most efficient tool for DNA and RNA sequence analysis, as well as a supporting technology for research and clinical disease diagnosis and treatment in the era of precision medicine, making genomics and transcriptomics rapidly move from concept to clinical disease diagnosis and treatment practice.

          Hangzhou WOOSEN Bio provides research institutions and companies in the field of precision medicine with NGS-related high-quality products and cost-optimized solutions.

          Basic process of NGS research

          Data validation
          Sample Collection
          Nucleic acid extraction
          Library construction
          Library Quality Control

          NGS sequencing products summary

          NGS Full Process Product Solutions

          Sample Collection

          Free DNA storage tubes at room temperature

          Nucleic acid extraction

          Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


          Library construction

          Library construction kits

          Magnetic beads, magnetic holders

          PCR instrument

          Document library quality control

          Qubit fluorometer / reagents / special tubes

          Electrophoretic nucleic acid dye + agarose

          Sequencing / Data Validation

          Digital PCR instrument

          qPCR reagents/consumables

          Other General Products

          Nuclease-free water
          Pipette tip
          Flat cap thin-walled tube
          Centrifuge tube
          Octal tube
          96-well plate
          384-well plates
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