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          About Us

          We Deliver Performance and Quality Oligos at Scale


          Oligo Factory is located in Metrowest Boston in Holliston, Massachusetts.


          Founded in 2006 by oligo synthesis technology experts, our goal is to provide custom DNA and RNA oligo synthesis at scale – mgs to kgs – to life science customers.

          Oligo Factory于2006年創立,我們的目標是向生命科學客戶提供大規模定制的DNA和RNA寡聚合成——毫克到千克。

          The Oligo Factory team is made up of skilled chromatographers, synthesis chemists, instrumentation engineers and commercialization specialists with more than 60 years of combined experience.


          Customer satisfaction is in our DNA. We are committed to providing high-quality oligos to customer specifications and exceptional customer service. Our manufacturing process was designed to be efficient, compliant with regulations, and environmentally sustainable through responsible waste management.



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